Sumac Plastic Jar – 100 Grams

Sumac is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine that is relished for its citric taste and burst of exceptional tangy flavour. Made from the Sumac Berry Anacardiaceae, Sumac is used in spice rubs, marinades and dressings. It has an intense lemony aroma and enhances the flavour of grilled or roast meat, chicken and kebabs. Sprinkle all your barbequed meats and chicken with Sumac and taste the wonderful flavours. Sumac goes well with vegetables too. It also adds a delicious flavour and unique citric zest to salads and rice dishes. Sumac can be used at any stage during the cooking process or sprinkled on your dish before serving.

EAG Reference #: EA-PS04
EAN for Consumer Unit: 6251658050457
TUN for Trade Unit (SFP): 16251658050454
Number of UNITS per Carton: 6
Ti (Number of Carton per Layer on a Pallet): 40
Hi (Number of Layers per Pallet): 12
Number of Cartons per Pallet: 480

Ingredients Lists:
Sumac, Salt

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