Museum Quality Ancient Oil Burners


Museum Quality Ancient Oil Burners



Museum Quality Ancient Oil Burners


These Oil Burners are an exact replica of Museum Quality Ancient Oil Burners that were used thousands of years ago by ancient civilisations.

This particular shape of Oil Burners has been known throughout history and from ancient times and legends to bring onto its owner good luck, peace, harmony and when it is used in pairs of two, it is believed to bring on everlasting and true love to the ones that use them.

How to Use:

Food grade olive oil can be used along with a wick or a piece of rope and these burners will last for hours. Scented oils can be used but due to the presence of Alcohol in these oils they tend to burn a lot faster than olive oil, it is recommended to mix olive oil and scented oils and your Oil Burner will last for hours whilst emitting your favourite essential aromatic scents.

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Weight150 g


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