Tree of Life Ceramic Tiles Mural Frame


Tree of Life Ceramic Tiles Mural Frame



Tree of Life Ceramic Tiles Mural Frame (FULLY HANDMADE AND HAND-PAINTED TILES)

ITEM Description:

This is a unique and absolutely stunning piece of art. An enormous amount of time and detail goes into creating this masterpiece of modern and contemporary artwork infused with roots and authentic themes from ancient civilisations. This unique piece is fully handmade and hand painted onto 16 pieces of 15 cm X 15 cm Tiles where each tile when put together next to the other one creates another piece of the puzzle fitting perfectly and matching each line and colour on it.

This Mural Frame will be the center piece of your home and the talk of all your family and friends


This artwork depicts The Tree of Life. The tree is at the vertical centre binding together heaven and earth. The tree is the source of life at the horizontal centre of the earth. Adopting biblical terminology, in the tree-of-life tradition, the tree is planted at the centre of the world and is protected by supernatural guardians. It is the source of fertility and life. Human and animal life is descended from it; its fruit confers everlasting life; and if it were cut down, all productiveness would cease.

Mural Frame Overall Dimensions:

Length = 73 cm

Width = 73 cm

Thickness = 2 cm


Additional information

Weight9000 g


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